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This weekend can be described by one word that envelops a multitude of feelings and emotions in its 8 tiny letters. Homesickness. In France there is actually a thing called mot-valise, a suitcase word. I don’t really know if there is a word for it in English. Normally it is a word created by fusion of two independent ones, but this one is so rich on the inside, it should suffice on it’s own.

I have been living abroad for more than five years now and I often miss my friends and family, which I think is pretty normal for an expat. But this time I just felt the saddest, because it suddenly hit me that for those last five years I have not really been present in the life of my close ones. Especially friends, weirdly enough.

It should be because we are in an age where everybody gets married and have children, and I feel that I have missed so many of those important events, that I am not a part of their lives anymore. I know I still am, and we are still as close as we were before, but there is just a piece of puzzle that is missing. Skype and whatsapp just can’t fill this void up anymore. The real presence is very much needed.

I hope all of the above didn’t sound too negative; sometimes I just really feel like sharing some of the more personal moments than just enumerating the garments covering my body. Maybe someone is going through something similar and I just wanted to say that you are not alone and that there is always a happy ending and, most importantly, to be continued and lots of other beautiful things.

On the other note, please welcome my Sunday outfit. Paris went gray and windy on this weekend, so I went for my favorite chunky sweater and jeans, and slipped on my candy pink loafers for a mood boost. And it worked. It always does.
* starring: H&M zipper knit (very old, similar here and here) // Topshop jeans // Minelli loafers //  Rebecca Minkoff bag // Zara jacket (similar)

< 3

My love for jeans is endless. We are BFF and more. They are always there when I need them. High waisted black skinny will keep my double portion of mushroom and cream pasta secret. Mom has got me covered for when I need an extra splash of cool. But sometimes, I just get bored.

I feel like this spring we all need something extra. Those minimal outfits, jeans-and-white-tees, basic colors are just not cutting it anymore. I want prints and colors, bold and well pronounced. My tennis shoes deliver the message without me actually needing to articulate. They say lets have fun and also i am pretending to be a ballet dancer. They cohabitate nicely with my flowy polka dot pant, and echoes my new fake vintage t-shirt. 
Instead of carrying a bag, I have opted for a multiple pocket situation and have never felt more free.
* starring: h&m lover tee (similar) // superga strawberry canvas sneakers //  zara polka dot pant and jacket (similar)

Waste a Moment

After being trapped in neutral coloured fabrics during those long winter months, I am now having the revenge I dreamed of so vigorously. 

I was overthinking purchasing this too-cool-for-school bubble gum pink denim for several weeks. Normally, I am a neutral tones and basic cuts lover. I get excited by blue jeans and white t-shirts and oh-so-simple grey sweaters. That’s my jam. Minimal. Simple. Boring, some will say. I say no it is not carefully edited.

I never thought I will say this, but, I think I’m slowly, but surely, becoming a maximalist convert. It has all started with a vintage blue trench coat. I hate colour. Hanging in between the beiges and the blacks, the cornflower blue suddenly seemed very attractive. I will just try it on, I said to myself. Thirty minutes and 13 euros later it was on its way to my place.

And then the jeans. I have left them in the shop, sad and lonely, so many times. But at the end, I thought we should finally get together, and wore them three days in a row never regretted it. Also, I have just gotten a text from my red Superga shoes, telling me they are waiting for me to pick them up. I bet they would look great with my jeans and the trench. The old me would have been frantic. The new me is enchanted.

Do you feel the same this spring, or is it just me?

* starring: bubble-gum-meets-cherry-ice-cream H&M jeans (similar) / perfectly-cropped Zara faux leather jacket  (similar)/ <3 printed canvas Superga tennis shoes (similar) / Unknown soft-as-a-cloud slogan tee (similar) / macaroon-eat-me-now Rebecca Minkoff bag / H&M raybans sunnies (similar) / By Boe ring (similar)

Just the Way You Are

I. Love. Skincare. I really enjoy trying new products out, going through 2958 steps of the routine, before waking up the next day, and being like oh wow, or sometimes more like k, what's the difference ? I have tried loads of different products for the last couple of years and here is my selection of trusty basics, that I always come back to when I need a shoulder to cry on something that works no matter what. 

1. Take the Day off

For taking my makeup off I always use Bioderma. Because my skin is already very oily, I don't really like using balms. Sometimes I will also use some light oils, like jojoba or almond oil. I really like the Tata Harper cleansing oil as well. It smells so calming and relaxing, but the price gives me goose bumps. Pai rose cleansing cream is also very good, it has always saved my winter skin, and every time I feel a bit dry-ish or just meh, it works wonders.

For my waterproof mascara, I will go with something more heavy duty, aka coconut oil. It takes it off in a minute and as a bonus moisturises my sensitive skin around the eyes. I never use it on my face though, because it clogs my pores like nobody’s business. 

Whenever I am not falling asleep with my make up on I have the force to double cleanse, my skin thanks me a million times the next day. This doesn't happen very often, but I'm trying ! It's the thought that counts. Not really the case.

Okay, so for my second cleanse, I will usually go for something foam-y, because that's what my skin really likes. Foaming cleansers have bad rep in the skincare world, but I think they are great. This one is from Avène. It doesn't dry my skin out, I use it year-round and really notice the difference when I stop. It also makes my skin very bouncy. It is hard to explain, but it just gives it 'my skin but better' kind of look.

2. Prep

After cleansing I will usually go for a serum, or an oil, depending on how my skin feels. If it’s a bit dry or grey toned, I will grab my all-time favourite Pai oil. It is the best oil I have ever tried, it never clogs my pores and works like an instant miracle. My skin just looks fresh and glows in the dark in a couple of seconds, so thank you Pai for inventing this!

If my skin is on the oilier side, I will reach for my Caudalie serum. It feels lighter and a bit tacky on my skin, which works really well if you like tacky things are putting makeup afterwards. It has hyaluronic acid in it and if you have a weird mix of dehydrated and oily skin like me, it works very well at balancing it all out. It hydrates without making the skin greasier, just giving it a nice glow.

3. Crème de la crème

Ok, now it’s time to put on my moisturiser. I really love this La Roche Posay one for spring and summer. It is pretty light, but very moisturising. This is what I imagine the Glossier priming moisturiser to be like (pleeeeeeaaaase deliver to France).

4. Bonus

If I have a naughty guest on my face, this Effaclar duo thing just kills it so fast, it's the best. Tea tree oil sadly does not work for me, but sometimes I will use Rosemary oil, which does a pretty good job! 

A couple of times a week I will also use a mask. This one is very calming and works really well when my skin is especially red or if I just popped that zit and need to hide it from the world. 

Please don't be shy, share your secret skincare wearpons in the comments below, I am always on the hunt for something new that will make my life skin better!

April musings

It is all about that contrast. Soft knitted t-shirts, velvet flowy pants, coloured in powdery pinks and salad-y greens, all accompanied by dangly golden pendants and rings. To mix with paper touch trousers, rough jeans, thick woolly blazers, glittered dresses, big bracelets covered in jewels. Create a perfect good girl uniform and then ruin it with some granny shoes, chunky jewellery, fishnet tights. Wear your shirt backwards, teddy coats in summer, crop tops in winter, like an enfant terrible. Mix but don’t match.

* pictures // pintrest

Rock me baby

Sundays are my favourite days in Paris. Everything stops, all the shops are closed, and all you can do is go have a coffee, enjoy the farmer’s markets, walk around and relax. That’s exactly what we (we = me and my photographer boyfriend) did last Sunday when we went to the rue des Martyrs. I have no idea how it happened, but after 5 years of living in Paris, I never really went there. I guess I’m just more of a Quartier latin kind of gal. I mean I did now it exists, went to KBcoffeeshop a couple of times, but never really explored dit. If you ever come to Paris, and especially on a Sunday, come have a bite, there are so many places to go, KBcoffeeshop, Rose bakery, plenty of fromageries (= smelly French cheese stores). You can even have a glass of Corsican wine, if you're in the mood to.

As for my outfit, if you can’t already tell, I was in a very rock’n’roll mood. I’m a big fan of slogan tees, and recently I have also been very into reds, so when I found this vintage one the other day, I was chuffed. I went really minimal for the rest of the outfit, added my favourite comfy (key word for a Sunday outfit) black boots, cropped faux leather jacket, and some slightly flared jeans that I wore non stop this winter, and probably will not take off until it gets really hot this summer. This is such a timeless outfit that I often find myself wearing, in different variations. Take your favourite jeans, pair them with a leather jacket and simple black boots, add a t-shirt that tells a story, or just imagine one, and you’re ready to go!

*starring: zara faux-but-looks-like-real leather jacket (similar) // &otherstories oh-so-slightly-flared jeans // zara don't-wear-when-raining-oops suede boots (similar) // see by chloe don't-scalloped-edges-just-make-everything-better bag (similar)

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