Autumn nail polish favourites

Essie: Minimalistic / Stylenomatics / Kiko: Maroon nude N320 / Greenish white N329 / Violety blue N339/Electric blue N385 / Seche Vite

This autumn I decided to give a rest to my favourite Revlon dark red polish and chose some blue and grayish tones instead.

These Kiko shades seem to be just perfect, you have a couple of nude pastels, a browny dark nude shade and an electric blue if you need a pop of color. They are also perfect for mix and match if you can not choose just one color!

I have also been using these Essie ones which are pretty much the opposites, an almost white pink one and an almost black green one. 

I ran out of fingers on my hand to swatch the Stylenomics for you, but it does not really show on camera.Very rich, almost black green, it does not have this coldish undertone that you get with a black nail polish. 

And my last but not least favourite has been the Seche Vite topcoat that makes my nails dry in a couple of minutes and i'm ready to go! I had never believed that it would be as good as it is and now I am a huge fan!


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