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These Zara jeans are just the perfect autamn/winter style staple for me. It goes with everything, so your morning what-should-I-wear problem is resolved twice as fast as before. 

Secondly, you know how a black jean can kind of loose its blackness after a couple of washes and then it does not look as good? Well, these have THE perfect color, they are black-ish, but not bold black, so when they will be washed out they will actually look nice. 

Plus, the angora sweaters will not leave any hairs on them. I checked. Twice. 

They have THE perfect fit, they are quite fitted on top, but not that much on the bottom so your legs look proportional, and they are still a skinny jean. 

Aaand they are just PER-FECT-LY cut, a little bit cropped, it is this perfect length which is quite hard to find. 

Last but not least, they have a very subtle details, half zippers (i don't really know how to explain, but basically it is just one part of the zipper, not two as usually... and they do not have the zips on it) on the pockets as well as around the waist. They make me think about All Saints-kind of style which i really love.

So this was my ode to THE perfect jean of the year I guess...


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