October favourites


It's October, baby

My first favourite is this Yogi Himalaya Chai in Ginger Harmony. I actually tried chai tea latte yesterday for the first time of my life. I was not particularly impressed with the Starbucks one though, so i decided to make it myself. So I found this one, which is more spicy, a lot spicier compares to the Starbucks one actually, but this is what i really like about it. 

It is very simple to make, you just need one of those tea infusion things, because it is a loose tea. I just put one/one and a half tea spoons of chai, then cover it with boiling water leaving some space for soja milk. And in 3 to 5 minutes, depending on how strong you like it, your chai latte is ready! 

I tried mixing it with the black tea, as you don't have any of it in this version, and I really liked it too! I am also looking forward to trying their Classic Chai version which is milder I guess. 

Sticking up with ginger, I felt in love with these caramelized ginger dices that I found in my local organic shop. They are so tasty and a bit spicy, just perfect for cold autumn evenings. But I do not advice eating them while drinking the ginger chai as the level of spiciness can be a bit overwhelming! 

And for my beaty favourite I chose the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm which is perfect for autumn and winter months. I always come back to it as the weather gets colder and my lips can become very dry. 

Normally I will use it at night, just before going to sleep. After exfoliating my lips a bit with a muslin cloth that I use to take off my make-up, I will gently rub it in and the next day my lips will feel perfectly hydrated!


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