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An almost-perfect skincare routine

I have oily and dehydrated type of skin and it's not that easy to find a product that will be hydrating without clogging the pores. 

So the first thing that I did to find my perfect routine was a research for the ingredients that are used in the moisturisers, makeup removals, foundations and other things that we constantly use on our face. 

The point was to find out what I was doing wrong in the past. I went on Googe and found a list of comedogenic ingredients (= the ones that can cause your breakouts) and tried to look and remember if the products I use contain any of them and if they were actually breaking me out. 

Basically some particular ingredient may be working well for you, but causing skin problems for another person. Like that i understood that mineral oil, for example, was causing huge breakouts on my skin as well as castor oil. Both of them are considered to be comedogenic. Nevertheless, other ingredients, considered as comedogenic can actually work well with your skin: for example, silicones, that clog pores to some people, did not have any negative reaction on my skin whatsoever. 

After that I understood that some of the ingredients that were considered to be fine for oily and acne prone skin didn't really suite my particular skin type. I discovered that a lot of products that contained propylene glycol, which is not really supposed to break you out, had a really bad effect on my skin.

This research took me quite a while, as everybody's skin is different and some product that everyone is raving about may be not that good for you. I was trying out a lot of different products, trying to see if my skin actually liked them, or, at least, if it was ok with them. It took me quite a while, because you are supposed to give the product at least three weeks to really see the results. 

In the mean time i was also reading reviews on products that i wanted to buy. It was the second most important thing for me, after the list of the ingredients. All of that, plus some of the intuition, helped me to pick out good and working products. I am very happy to have found my basic routine, so that even if i don't like some new product, I can always go back to using my safe everyday kit.

Some of my favourite products I found quite recently, over the last summer, the others were in my bathroom for years. So here is a short list of the things-i-cannot-live-without.

I have been using my Avene Cleanance face cleanser for almost three years now and I have never used another one since, apart from La Roche-Posay Effaclar sample that was nice during the summer months but a bit drying in the other time of the year. 

The Avene one is just perfect for me, you can use a tiny drop and it foams really well, leaving your face clean, but not squeaky. I have read some articles saying that a non-foaming cleansers are better for your skin, but my skin just needs foam, it really does.

After using my Avene cleanser, I use La Roche Posay Serozink that I discovered by reading Beauty Mouth, a blog by Caroline Hirrons ( and if you do not know who she is, go search for her blog right now, as she is a real beauty expert and her advices have helped me A LOT).

The next step after the Serozinc, that is my toner I guess, is moisturizing. It really depends on how my skin is feeling. If it is on the oily side I will use some La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Legere on its own or maybe with some Hydraluron underneath, as it's not summer anymore and your skin may get dryer. 

If I feel that my skin needs more moisture, I'll go for something like La Roche-Posay (again, i know, i really love the brand) Cicaplast Baume B5, both of which are really, really hydrating and soothing. They can be used for sensitive and redness prone skin. 

This is basically it, after i'll just put on some eye cream and maybe some make-up if I'm going out. 

Hope it was helpful


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