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Winter glow

A bronzer is a must have for me during winter, I use it even more than in the summer time. Why? It is just perfect to warm up your complexion, especially in the middle of the pale-grey-skin season.

The Mac matte bronzer is just perfect because a) it does not have any annoying glitter particles and b) you cannot overdo it with this one, no orange strokes, just lovely golden glow from within!

As an addition to the bronzer, I love warm toned eye shadow. It adds definition to your eyes and even erases tiredness. I will sometimes actually use a bronzer as an eye shadow, and it works really well.

And to finish with the perfectly-fresh-ten-hours-of sleep-just-got-back-from-a-weekend-in-cote-d'azur face add a tiny bit of rosy blush and curl your lashes. Done!

Wear as it is on lazy days or add some mascara / lipstick / eyeshadow / whatever makes you happy...


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