green valley

brushes: Real TechniquesIsa Dora // eyes: Humid by Mac // lips: Honey Love by Mac

This is the most simple eye makeup in the whole world, but for me the simpleness is the key, or, as they say, less is more.

What you will need:

- two brushes, one for dabbing the colour, the other one for a bit of blending 
- one colour eye shadow, I chose green
- a good consealer, to hide any dark circles or puffiness
- neutral lipstick, or no lipstick at all
- light mascara  (oh, you can skip this step as well)

Put a couple of layers of the eyeshadow on your lid and blend, blend, blend....then blend a bit more. Curl your lashes and put one light layer of mascara. You can fill your eyebrows a tiny bit, but for this look I prefer to just brush them up. Put the consealer after you are all done, it will cover the darkness and also clean the eye shadow that can fall down sometimes. Dab a bit of lipstick on your lips. Done!



  1. Love the colour! So brave but so pretty
    These photos are really inspirational too :)


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