before & after chanel

Spotted just before Chanel show this morning:

lets begin with hair, shall we

1, 2  mermaid-y long locks with a natural feel to it, no styling needed, just wait until dry after you've washed them and add some macadamia oil to the ends to nourish and add some gloss let them down casually or put in a low ponytail, flowers in the hair are optional

3, 4  bright neon colours are back this spring and will be on till winter for sure
i love how much more a small touch of a neon liner can add  to the look, i would definitely try it with pink! 

5, 6  sporty or chick: pick your style! but anyways, neons + white socks + black shoes = love 

7, 8  oh, gold! my favourite metallic these days, have seen a lot of these golden toned barettes (hair clips, as normal people call them, i just think in french it sounds so much more chic), already on my list!

get inspired!


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