on spaghetti straps

The spaghetti-strap-type-of-tops have never really been my style staple. I had a lot of them as a teenager, but after the 90’ vibes were gone, it was over between me and them. I suddenly found them completely demodé and they were put into i-am-never-wearing-this-again drawer. But now we got back together and it never felt better.

How could I survive during hot summer months without these? (well, it is neither summer nor hot yet, but it will be soon… I hope) How could I forget how good they look with jeans? (especially these ones, Topshop Jamie jeans that is) And how easily can they give you this 90’s vibe that is (finally!) back (i missed you, i really did!)…


/ pictures by Stasya Rose /

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  1. There is a very 90s vibe to these photos! Like the spice girls :P



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