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I've been thinking about posting more outfits lately, but the thing is I do not shop that much to show new items again and again. I have been buying a lot less clothes now and going against this flow of consumerism that makes you buy things you do not really need (which I was doing quite a lot, giving myself various reasons: it is on sale/ cheap/ going to disappear from shops in a week, you name it).

I've been really into styling my older pieces that I love and trying to buy according to less is more formula. The 5 piece french wardrobe concept is something that I've been reading about a lot these days and I think it is a perfect way to construct a wardrobe.

The thing is, I still want to share my outfits and show how I would wear this or that piece ( yepp, i think that a pair of simple blue jeans/ boring grey tee (i rrreally love those!)/ black high waisted pants can be quite an exciting piece). My closet is full of basic pieces, sometimes with a twist, sometimes without, so at first I thought it would be pretty boring to be repeating those pieces in my outfit posts.

I have recently found a really inspiring Girl (check out her youtube channel Chrissstttiiine 
here) that makes these uniform outfits. The idea behind it is that she repeats an item from the previous outfit in the next one, showing a new way to wear it. Her wardrobe is pretty basic as well, so I decided to give my basic pieces a try  (as I loved her videos so much, I watched probably half of them in one day). I also loved how she names her outfit videos uniform with a number attached to it, so I came out with ensemble for my outfit posts (because I'm a sucker for anything french, oh yes I am).

This is the first outfit post (of many, I hope) that I put together, hope you like it. Minimalism is the key, as always. I am wearing a 
Cos shirt (a recent purchase, but this is my French wardrobe piece, a perfect white crispy cotton shirt), a Forever21 skirt (a perfect length, it's stretchy enough to let you move and thick enough to make your hips and bum look good! ) and Opening Ceremony shoes (breaking these bad boys in at the moment, not the easiest ones to walk in, but I hope it will get better...).


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