swim swam swum

swim swam swum

Here is my wishlist for the swimwear season (finally! where have you been?!). 

I am loving all blackwhiteandgrey these days, but this yellow is just the right shade, muted down, but still a happy colour if you know what I mean. The happy colour is the one that makes your skin look brighter, tanner, healthier.

Colours can look completely different on every person (i think) and it is always worth it to try 10 (ok, you can stop at 5 if you think you got the ultimate perfection) yellow swimsuits (classic light blue shirts/ grey cashmere sweaters/ pink dresses) to get the one that will erase those dark circles (hmm, not really, but you know what I mean) and add this je ne sais quoi to your complexion.

Back to the swimsuits, the Cos triangle top is perfect, it will not be gathering weirdly like a usual bikini top (dunno if you feel the same, but I don't really feel comfortable in those), it will stand in its place with its' perfect form and perfect colour and perfect textured material.

I've been also loving sporty tops with a high neck (don't wear these too often, otherwise no decolté during autumn parties) as well as high waisted bottoms and I am on the hunt for the perfect ones right now.


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