the black sandal dillema

the black sandal dillema

What is the most important in a basic every day sandal? Beauty? Comfort? Number of straps? Type of buckle? There are so many options, how do you choose the One?

First of all, understand what is important for you. Do you like a completely flat sole or a small heel? (or a big one, if you are one of those superwomen who wear heels every day, even on a sunday-coffee-and-a-pain-au-chocolat type of day) Do you want an ankle strap or you prefer claquettes(=without any strap, it just sounds so much more fun in french) Silver or gold hardware? Leather, real one, faux one, plastic?

loooove plastic sandals, I think it s a perfect material for a summer shoe. They can look good both with a pair of silk shorts or a bright pink romper you wear to the beach. I have recently got a pair of Melissa shoes and I couldn't be happier. That is my second piece of 5 piece french wardrobe and I will try to do a post on it soon. 

Which ones do you prefer?


/ left to right / Everlane / Chloe / Melissa / Cos / Givenchy / Vita /

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