what's in my bag

1. a pouch
2. bronzer, mac, matte, best bronzer on the planet
3. eyelash curlers, shu uemura
4. pen liner, l'oreal so couture, trying to get into wearing this more often
5. brow gel, hema
6. hair comb
7. hair tie
8. bobby pins in black and gold
9. moisturizer in a travel pot, la roche posay cicaplast, my life saver
10. eye shadow mac, haux, the just-in-case-i-go-out-thing

11. burgundy nail polish, rimmel pro, not spring coour at all but i'm loving it right now

12. euro coins
13. another pouch (works as a wallet)
14. imaginaire, basically a french oyster card
15. library card (oh yes i have one, i'm still a student)
16. pencil
17. pen, muji
18. brush, real techniques, good for contouring, but not too soft
19. notepad, moleskine small lined one, for notes, ideas and daily mess
20. sunglasses, zara, searching for a similar pair right now, thinking about splurging on these

21. camera, olympus mju ii, one of the best cameras ever

23. keys, keychain in a form of corsica
24. the actual bag, vintage, got it about a year ago and 
25. earphones, really old iphone ones i stole from my boyfriend
26. ipod, i don't think they make these anymore, but we are inseparable 
27. iphone
28. tintend moisturiser, cc cream by bourjois, a bit too dark for me, waiting till i go on hoidays



  1. To fun! Love these types of posts. And I love that you are prepared with your make-up. I need to be better at taking certain make-up essentials on the go with me!
    xo TJ


    1. thanks! i do forgot my makeup bag now and then too, especially when i really need it haha


  2. Nice post,
    normally don't like bags so I always end up forgetting stuff at home haha

    Much Love, M

    1. haha after always forgetting stuff i now always carry one and it is just a habit that will probably never go away...



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