white on white

white on white

Not really a colour

White is the best colour if you ask me, though it is not technically one. I love how versatile it is and how easily it gives you a bonne mine and even makes your skin look tiny bit more tanned (even if you haven't seen the sun in months! ). You can wear it everywhere, on a daily basics, for a night out, business meetings, uni, work, parties, birthdays... the list is endless.

So here are my 5 favourite white tops that every Girl needs.

1. A White T-shirt This is the base of the base, try out several cuts and fits to find a perfect one, choose round collar or a v-cut, a more cropped one or a longer one. This one is from 
American Vintage, a great brand for basics, but you can find really good ones in Amercain ApparellCos, Zara...

2. A White Silk Shirt Another great basic piece, a soft silky material gives it a dose of nonchalance. I adore the 
Acne one's, their cut is just perfection. Find great ones in Pablo (Gerard Darell's second line) or in the-so-obvious-shirt-temple-of-all-times, Equipment.

3. A White Cotton Shirt Ok, one more shirt? Yesss! The crispy white material has more structure than silk and can completely change the outfit. You can play a lot with this one, have a round or pointed collar, short or long sleeves, or maybe some interesting cut-outs. These days I love a very wide oversized short sleeved ones, and 
Cos makes them best.

4. A White Party Top This one should have some kind of fun detail, a cutout, a lace back, a massive ruffle... so many options! This one from 
Tibi looks like a miniature version of a dress, and the combination of peplum and pleats gives it a really fun party vibe.

5. A White Bonus Piece A white cropped top, or the one with spaghetti straps (or both like in this 
Topshop one (which also has a cut-out, so it counts as a party top!)), or a race back top for a sporty look... For you to choose!


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