Cosmetic brands spend lots of time developing the appearance of their products. But sometimes your vanity / bathroom can be a bit overwhelmed by the colours and inscriptions. In order to create a more minimalist looking space, I decided to just take them all off. Here are some tips on how to.

1. Check if the label is removable, otherwise (if you are a real visual maniac) you might want to put the bottle of your favourite toner inside the closet. You can also move the product into another container, for example Bioderma would look very chic in a vintage glass bottle!

2. If it is a paper label you might take more time removing it. Take it off gently, otherwise it can leave marks that will be hard to get rid of. Use soap with lukewarm water if you are struggling.

3. Don’t take the labels off if you have the exact same packaging for different products. Otherwise you can accidentally brush your teeth with a hand cream…

4. Don’t take off the label if you can’t remember for how long you should leave your exfoliating mask on (or other things which should be time scheduled). You don’t want to wonder, was it 2 or 20 min? after putting it on, believe me…

5. Enjoy!


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