ensemble №3

I've had this trench coat for something like 5 years now and I'm still wearing it every spring and every autumn. Well, maybe not every day as I used to (I didn't take it off the first hmm... 3 months when I first bought it, this is what I call Love!), but still...

Aand it is from Topshop! You never know which piece will be the real investment, the one you really thought through and invested in, or the cheap and cheerful one you bought on a whim...

The jeans are also from Topshop, these are Jamie high waisted ones. Almost everything is perfect about them, the wash, the length, the rise... The only thing I don't really like are the back pockets, too small in my opinion. And when it comes to jeans nothing is so annoying as this small detail, it can make your bum look hmm... well... bigger! I normally wear long tops anyways, so it doesn't bother me too much. But as we are coming into summer, I'm on the hunt for the perfect jean to go with the crop tops!


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