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Sneaker dilemma

Saucony beige suede sneakers. How cool are those. SO. COOL. I need them. I NEED THEM SO MUCH!!! I can't live without them. They will become a perfect companion for all my summer dresses, ALL of them, which is so rare, because, hello, they are beige! Aaand they will look perfect with my fake tan. It's not summer yet, but it will be soon. Three more months to go. In the meantime, I will pair them with my office trousers for Casual Fridays. Or even wear them when I'm on my way to the office and change afterwards to get the cost per wear.

They will look perfect with my bare ankles and checked trousers. And beige trousers with my new sweater for a total beige look that Kim K would definitely approve. It’s not like I care. Wait. They are out of my size… Does somebody else sell these? I am asking to the omniscient searching devise. There is a pair. Half size too big. Half size is ok, but they are much more expensive. Not sure I am willing to spend this much.

Let me explore other options. I need to search for beige suede sneakers. Hey, they have beige suede platform sneakers in &Otherstories. They are too expensive as well. But. They are not sporty looking at all, so I can maybe get away with wearing them in the office. And they will look even better with my dresses. Out of stock. I don’t think they produce enough shoes in 38.

There are no more beige suede sneakers that I like on planet Earth. Let’s maybe have a look at other Saucony ones. I love their logo! Maybe beige, but not suede? Nope, suede is like a morning coffee, it makes everything better. Maybe not beige? Bright blue? Or green with violet patches? Nopes, not my colors. Oh, these look good. Actually, very good. Maybe even better than the beige. Red and pink seem to particularly attract me this year. And these are red AND pink.

I think they are in my budget. Let’s check my bank account, just in case. They were in my budget…. When did I spend all of that on clothes? This can’t be possible. I can return that skirt though, so it will basically mean the sneakers will be half off… What else can I return?

Add to the bag, just to make them feel like they are already mine. Almost. I really need to wait until next month’s salary before getting them. Three left? Can you keep them until next month, please? I love them! We make a perfect pair! Pun unintended.

Wait, next month I wanted to finally splurge on a new camera to upgrade my blogging game. What do I do? If I get the camera, the pictures will look so good!!! Like really good!!  …but if I get the shoes, the styling will get to a new level, totally. They will give this je ne sais quoi to every outfit, I’m sure. That little splash of colour, like raspberry jam on toast.

Yumm raspberry jam! What time is it? I need to leave work and go home and clean, because tomorrow we are renting our apartment. I check my basket. The sneakers are still there, as is my future camera and four film rolls for my Olympus that I need to use more often. Maybe I can get the shoes and make more pictures on film? 

Too many decisions to take, let’s just deal with the cleaning first. K, see you tomorrow sneakers! Or maybe I should just click purchase, because we will get payed for renting?

It was two weeks ago and they are still in my basket... This will never end.

The end!

Wait what if...

Ok, really, stop it.


C u later!

Still didn't buy those sneakers, should I?

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