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I. Love. Skincare. I really enjoy trying new products out, going through 2958 steps of the routine, before waking up the next day, and being like oh wow, or sometimes more like k, what's the difference ? I have tried loads of different products for the last couple of years and here is my selection of trusty basics, that I always come back to when I need a shoulder to cry on something that works no matter what. 

1. Take the Day off

For taking my makeup off I always use Bioderma. Because my skin is already very oily, I don't really like using balms. Sometimes I will also use some light oils, like jojoba or almond oil. I really like the Tata Harper cleansing oil as well. It smells so calming and relaxing, but the price gives me goose bumps. Pai rose cleansing cream is also very good, it has always saved my winter skin, and every time I feel a bit dry-ish or just meh, it works wonders.

For my waterproof mascara, I will go with something more heavy duty, aka coconut oil. It takes it off in a minute and as a bonus moisturises my sensitive skin around the eyes. I never use it on my face though, because it clogs my pores like nobody’s business. 

Whenever I am not falling asleep with my make up on I have the force to double cleanse, my skin thanks me a million times the next day. This doesn't happen very often, but I'm trying ! It's the thought that counts. Not really the case.

Okay, so for my second cleanse, I will usually go for something foam-y, because that's what my skin really likes. Foaming cleansers seem to have a bad rep in the skincare world, but I think they are great. This one is from Avène. It doesn't dry my skin out, I use it year-round and really notice the difference when I stop. It also makes my skin very bouncy. It is hard to explain, but it just gives it 'my skin but better' kind of look.

2. Prep

After cleansing I will usually go for a serum, or an oil, depending on how my skin feels. If it’s a bit dry or grey toned, I will grab my all-time favourite Pai oil. It is the best oil I have ever tried, it never clogs my pores and works like an instant miracle. My skin just looks fresh and glows in the dark in a couple of seconds, so thank you Pai for inventing this!

If my skin is on the oilier side, I will reach for my Caudalie serum. It feels lighter and a bit tacky on my skin, which works really well if you like tacky things are putting makeup afterwards. It has hyaluronic acid in it and if you have a weird mix of dehydrated and oily skin like me, it works very well at balancing it all out. It hydrates without making the skin greasier, just giving it a nice glow.

3. Crème de la crème

Ok, now it’s time to put on my moisturiser. I really love this La Roche Posay one for spring and summer. It is pretty light, but very moisturising. This is what I imagine the Glossier priming moisturiser to be like (pleeeeeeaaaase deliver to France).

4. Bonus

If I have a naughty guest on my face, this Effaclar duo thing just kills it so fast, it's the best. Tea tree oil sadly does not work for me, but sometimes I will use Rosemary oil, which does a pretty good job! 

A couple of times a week I will also use a mask. This one is very calming and works really well when my skin is especially red or if I just popped that zit and need to hide it from the world. 

Please don't be shy, share your secret skincare wearpons in the comments below, I am always on the hunt for something new that will make my life skin better!

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