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This weekend can be described by one word that envelops a multitude of feelings and emotions in its 8 tiny letters. Homesickness. In France there is actually a thing called mot-valise, a suitcase word. I don’t really know if there is a word for it in English. Normally it is a word created by fusion of two independent ones, but this one is so rich on the inside, it should suffice on it’s own.

I have been living abroad for more than five years now and I often miss my friends and family, which I think is pretty normal for an expat. But this time I just felt the saddest, because it suddenly hit me that for those last five years I have not really been present in the life of my close ones. Especially friends, weirdly enough.

It should be because we are in an age where everybody gets married and have children, and I feel that I have missed so many of those important events, that I am not a part of their lives anymore. I know I still am, and we are still as close as we were before, but there is just a piece of puzzle that is missing. Skype and whatsapp just can’t fill this void up anymore. The real presence is very much needed.

I hope all of the above didn’t sound too negative; sometimes I just really feel like sharing some of the more personal moments than just enumerating the garments covering my body. Maybe someone is going through something similar and I just wanted to say that you are not alone and that there is always a happy ending and, most importantly, to be continued and lots of other beautiful things.

On the other note, please welcome my Sunday outfit. Paris went gray and windy on this weekend, so I went for my favorite chunky sweater and jeans, and slipped on my candy pink loafers for a mood boost. And it worked. It always does. Fake it till you make it, baby.
* starring: H&M zipper knit (very old, similar here and here) // Topshop jeans // Minelli loafers //  Rebecca Minkoff bag // Zara jacket (similar)

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