Rock me baby

Sundays are my favourite days in Paris. Everything stops, all the shops are closed, and all you can do is go have a coffee, enjoy the farmer’s markets, walk around and relax. That’s exactly what we (we = me and my photographer boyfriend) did last Sunday when we went to the rue des Martyrs. 

I have no idea how it happened, but after 5 years of living in Paris, I never really went there. I guess I’m just more of a Quartier latin kind of gal. I mean I did now it exists, went to KBcoffeeshop a couple of times, but never really explored it. If you ever come to Paris, and especially on a Sunday, come have a bite, there are so many places to go, KBcoffeeshop, Rose bakery, plenty of fromageries (= smelly French cheese stores). You can even have a glass of Corsican wine, if you're in the mood to.

As for my outfit, if you can’t already tell, I was in a very rock’n’roll mood. I’m a big fan of slogan tees, and recently I have also been very into reds, so when I found this vintage one the other day, I was chuffed. I went really minimal for the rest of the outfit, added my favourite comfy (key word for a Sunday outfit) black boots, cropped faux leather jacket, and some slightly flared jeans that I wore nonstop this winter, and probably will not take off until it gets really hot this summer. 

This is such a timeless outfit that I often find myself wearing, in different variations. Take your favourite jeans, pair them with a leather jacket and simple black boots, add a t-shirt that tells a story, or just imagine one, and you’re ready to go!

*starring: zara faux-but-looks-like-real leather jacket (similar) // &otherstories oh-so-slightly-flared jeans // zara don't-wear-when-raining-oops suede boots (similar) // see by chloe don't-scalloped-edges-just-make-everything-better bag (similar)

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