Stripes & Roses

This season is dominated by shirts of all kinds: asymmetrical, belted, with puffy sleeves, with extra long sleeves, with ruches... The list goes on. My favorite has always been the classic men's shirt. There is just something about the way it fits that makes it look extra special. More structured, loose fitting, it creates a perfect silhouette that looks good with everything. This one is a Ralph Lauren one I stole from my boyfriend, but you can find a ton of these in thrift shops. The texture of this shirt is actually so buttery soft, he might not see it again... Wear it backwards, with an open back or buttons all done up, off the shoulders, or the sleeves puffed all the way up for a more dramatic effect. Shirts are so versatile, they really should not be content with playing one tiny role in your wardrobe, challenge it to give you all it has to offer! And you will not regret.

*starring: ralph lauren buttery soft shirt (similar) / topshop most perfect jeans / fancy jeweled zara ballet shoes  (similar)

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