Waste a Moment

After being trapped in neutral coloured fabrics during those long winter months, I am now having the revenge I dreamed of so vigorously. 

I was overthinking purchasing this too-cool-for-school bubble gum pink denim for several weeks. Normally, I am a neutral tones and basic cuts lover. I get excited by blue jeans and white t-shirts and oh-so-simple grey sweaters. That’s my jam. Minimal. Simple. Boring, some will say. I say no it is not carefully edited.

I never thought I'd say this, but, I think I’m slowly, but surely, becoming a maximalist convert. It has all started with a vintage blue trench coat. I hate colour. Hanging in between the beiges and the blacks, the cornflower blue suddenly seemed very attractive. I will just try it on, I said to myself. Thirty minutes and 13 euros later it was on its way to my place.

And then the jeans. I have left them in the shop, sad and lonely, so many times. But at the end, I thought we should finally get together, and wore them three days in a row never regretted it. Also, I have just gotten a text from my red Superga shoes, saying they are waiting for me to pick them up. I bet they would look great with my jeans and the trench. The old me would have been frantic. The new me is enchanted.

Do you feel the same this spring, or is it just me?

* starring: bubble-gum-meets-cherry-ice-cream H&M jeans (similar) / perfectly-cropped Zara faux leather jacket  (similar)/ <3 printed canvas Superga tennis shoes (similar) / Unknown soft-as-a-cloud slogan tee (similar) / macaroon-eat-me-now Rebecca Minkoff bag / H&M raybans sunnies (similar) / By Boe ring (similar)

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