Wind in her hair

Perfumes certainly have some magic power to them. It is the way they can transport you anywhere, space wise and time wise, back and forth (1970s, your sweet sixteen, 3054, you choose). They are my pocket size time machine. They also have some Wizard-of-Oz-kind-of-power, that can make you look cooler, be stronger, feel better, and I’d even go as far as to say wiser (Byredo Bibliotheque, anyone?).

I love love love Dyptique Phylosikos, even though it is such a perfume cliché. After trying every single figue perfume that exists in this world, I just think nothing really compares to its milky coconut notes. This is my I need holidays right here right now scent, it transports me into a Corsican fig tree forest (not sure those even exist, but they do in my mind) and everything just instantly looks (and smells!) better.  

Another Dyptique one I’ve been trying out is Eau Duelle. This is my let’s go out dancing on a summer night scent. Vanilla-meets-a-drop-of-old lady-perfume, this is how I think it smells. Also, writing about music perfume is like dancing about architecture — it's a really stupid thing to want to do.

Oh yes, it is.

Next one I really love is Essential Molecules. I have no idea how I managed to persuade myself to buying it, but I did. This one is like a Matriochka, as it is hiding several perfumes in one, or at least it does on me. Fresh laundry detergent mixed with a very girly flowery arôme, mixed with some kind of very light powdery scent… Writing about perfume is very hard indeed. But hope you get the idea.

Eu vent de vous is my cool girl scent. Partly because of the packaging and also, I just love the name some much! It is a solid perfume, very lightweight and perfect for travelling. The smell is very modern, something very Byredo to me, but mixed with a tiny bit of something very Oriental as well… The description doesn’t give it justice, really, go give it a sniff and tell me what you think! 

Let’s dance about architecture!

* background images are from the Spring Summer '17 Gentlewoman  edition

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