10 things I learned from my mom

1.      Do what you love in life, study something you enjoy, not something you think will bring you millions, it works the other way around. But work hard and don’t give up easily.
2.     Always learn when you have a possibility to do so. Especially when you are still young, especially when it’s free.
3.     Failing is ok, stand up and keep going, but don’t make a habit out if it.
4.     Be persistent if you really want something. And you will have it.
5.     Never say I can’t. You always can.
6.     Do not depend on anyone, ever, especially financially.
7.     Forgive easily, but learn from it.
8.    Good food is an investment in your future health.
9.     Holidays are as important as the hard work.
10.And the most important one, it's ok to have 10 (or more!) cups of tea a day.

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