feeling blue

In the search for a pair of wide flowy pants that will make me look and feel like a Flower child, but also be work appropriate (mission impossible) I have stumbled upon these H&M ones. High waisted, and not too long, because the long-limbed heritage went to my sister, they have just right amount of fabric to almost be too big, but not quite yet, if you know what I mean. 

It felt like this outfit needed another flower infused pattern, so that the pants will not feel too lonely in the sea of basic pieces surrounding them. So I threw in my favourite Superga tennis shoes. I thrifted them about six months ago, and have been wearing non stop since.

The top is very old, it was one of my first ever investment pieces. It is from Pablo, and for a student on a budget, mostly shopping in H&M, it felt like paying a fortune. But I have worn it lots and lots, and four years later it is still with me, so well done me !

Denim jacket and patent leather bag are thrifted as well. Thrifted bags are the best. They are almost always one of a kind, made from beautiful leather, and if a bag lasted for so long before getting into my hands, chances are it will last just as long in my closet.

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